André Cepeda

(1976) Lives and Works in Porto

"Dark alleys, blocks of cement, tired naked bodies, strings that lead to nowhere, abandoned tubes.  Rien, the new André Cepeda book, is an immersive experience. Page after page we are led into a void where all things seem to have lost their name, creating a restless and suspended time. More than looking at physical spaces, we feel as if in an endless present tense. There is Emptiness, but a desired one. Cepeda makes the beautiful more white than black large format photographs look spontaneous and free. A book about the process of photographing, about film. A desire  to touch and enlighten all things around us."

Andre Cepeda's second book Rien and latest body of work has just been published by Pierre von Kleist. Remi Coignet from Des Livres et des Photos, emphasizes a radical move towards abstraction in the work compared to Andre Cepeda's previous book Ontem*. He adds, "Rien is a silent cry /  Rien est un cri silencieux". The review in French is well worth a read here

Food For Your Eyes is very pleased to present a selection of  Black & White prints from Rien  to introduce Andre Cepeda's latest body of work whitin "Photographers & Book Makers" during  Nofound Photo Fair. 


Rien by Andre Cepeda - Special Edition 

 The Book ( 20 x 25 cm)  comes with one print out of 4 optional, 30x23 cm BW inkjet prints on Baryta paper, signed and numbered. Edition of 15 for each print


* Previous Book Ontem by Andre Cepeda  

Between 2006 and 2009, Andre Cepeda  developed the project Ontem ( Yesterday)  which was published  by  Le Caillou Bleu in 2010. This book is the result  of a number of years during which André Cepeda became interested in the lives of the people of Porto, photographing landscapes, interiors and portraits.

"My life involves thinking about my photography work every day; it is about interpreting other people’s thoughts, expressing my ideas, having experiences and understanding how to do things. I can not imagine myself separately from my work. What is important? What makes me get out of bed every morning? What attaches me to this place? How can I continue to evolve? These are the questions I ask in this work and for me the answer lies in the feelings one has for others, in the love for one’s family. These are the basic, essential things."  Interview with Jean Louis Godefroid , Director of Espace Contretype, Bruxelles)
"This is an important book alongside “Messina” by Pieter Hugo and “Niagara” by Alec Soth. It too uses the means of a new documentary style (flash, reduction, the artistic use of colour) to confront viewers with the inhabitants of a small peripheral world that is more representative of ours than we wish to acknowledge." Sebastien  Hau in Foam Magazine #24 Fall 2010

Andre Cepeda Biography     André Cepeda  (Coimbra 1976) Lives and Works in Porto, Portugal. Since 1999 has been exhibiting regularly and invited for several commissions. In 2007, was selected for EDP – New Artist Prize, in 2010 for BESPhoto Photography Prize in Portugal and in 2011 he was shortlisted for the Paul Huf Award, Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.  - Selected Solo exhibitions: Gallery INVALIDEN1, Berlin, Germany, 2012; Ontem, Espace Photographique Contretype, Brussels, Belgium, 2010; 2011, Galeria Pedro Oliveira, Porto, Portugal.   Selected  Collective exhibitions: Wherever I Lay My Camera Down is Home, Photographic Festival in Rome, Italy, 2011; Mostra de Video Arte e  fotografia Portuguesa no Centro de Artes Helio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2010; Paraísos Indómitos, Marco Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Vigo, Spain, 2008; Where are you from?, Faulconer Gallery, Iowa, USA,2008.  His work is represented in several public and private collections.