Jose Pedro Cortes

(1976) Lives in Lisbon

 In 2008, Jose Pedro Cortes and photographer/filmaker André Principe started Pierre von Kleist Editions, an artist-run publisher specializing in photo books based in Lisbon. They aim to make books that tell stories and deal with the contemporary way of living. Jose Pedro Cortes has published Silence his first book in 2006, he is working on Like An Empty Yard,  a new book project to be published soon. In November 2011, with his independent publishing house, he released Things Here and Things Still to Come an intriguing collection of portraits and urban landscapes.

In the preface of the book, Jose Pedro Cortes gives a few clues to grasp the story :


"During nine months I lived in Tel Aviv. During this period I met four young Jewish women who were born in the USA. They had all decided, at the age of 18, to go to Israel to do the military service. After completing the required two years of service, they decided to stay and live in this idyllic Middle Eastern city."


 A selection of original prints from the series Things Here And Things Still To Come is exhibited in the show "Photographers & Bookmakers" by Food For Your Eyes during Nofound Photo Fair in Paris.

"Once I opened this book, I was totally caught off guard. Challenged, confused, and just generally off-put at such an eccentric collection of images. (But in a good way.) First, the premise: The photographer lived in Tel Aviv, met four US born women who moved Israel to join the military at 18. After they finished their service, they stayed on. Super-specific and yet totally random. Intriguing, and (obviously) not a subject I’d seen before….I’m not quite sure what this artist was on about. And that’s why I like it. I don’t want a photo-book to tell me a story I already know, nor do I want to be lulled to sleep with a derivative vision. What’s the point? But this book, “Things Here and Things Still to Come,” got inside my head. It made me think about why humans are so obsessed with looking at pictures of naked people?" Jonathan Blaustein , Aphotoeditor blog
 "The portraits, often nudes are not embellished nor is there any sense of shying away from the women in front of the camera. They bear witness to an intimacy of some kind that has taken place and the street scenes or details invite the viewer in without disclosing their secrets. But first of all this is a beautiful book on Tel Aviv!  " Sebastian Arthur Hau in Foam Magazine n°30

Things here and things still to come, by Jose Pedro Cortes. Special Edition and all Limited Editions by Pierre von Kleist are available on their website. and at Food For Your Eyes booth during Nofound Photo Fair


Jose Pedro Cortes Biography        Born in Porto, Portugal, 1976. Lives in Lisbon . Studied photography at Ar.Co (Lisbon) and, in 2004 completed a Master of Arts in Photography at Kent Institute of Art and Design (Rochester, UK). In 2005, after 3 years living in London, moved back to Lisbon and was part of Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme in Photography (Lisbon). On that same year had his first solo exhibitions in Centro Português de Fotografia and Silo, both in Porto, Portugal. Was also selected for the Photo London - Emerging Artists Presentations and, in 2006, took part in the Getty Images curated exhibition New Photographers 2007.  In 2011 was invited (with other 11 European photographers) for Körber-Stiftung’s European Photo Exhibition Award on the theme of European Identites . This work will be shown in four Museums in 2012 - Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Gulbenkian Foundation in Paris, Fondazione Banca del Monte in Lucca, and the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo. In 2012 was invited to photograph in Toyama, Japan, as part of the EUROPEAN EYES ON JAPAN project. The project will be shown in Europe and in Japan and a book will be produced.  Things here and Things Still to Come has been exhibited in 2011 at Encontros da Imaginen Fesitval in Braga.

In 2006 he published his first book 'Silence' and has been exhibiting regularly since then. His second book, "Things here and Things still to come" was published in November 2011.  He is the founder and editor of Pierre von Kleist editions.