Morten Andersen

(1965) Lives and works in Oslo

Oslo based photographer, Morten Andersen, is a prolific book maker...He has published 14 books of his own work, most of them are self-published.

 "Since 1999, the photobook has been my main medium for showing my work. Since then I have made and published 12 books, most of them self-published. Besides being an object of art in itself, the book is a democratic, accessible and intimate medium where the sum of the single images and the editing creates a larger whole that, like in a novel or a film, makes a story that can bring you to a new place and experiences.  
Common for all my work, the motivation for photographing comes from curiosity and the desire to explore and investigate places and environments - be it the Oslo underground rock scene, Norwegian forests, my own neighbourhood, or international cities." 

COLOR F is Morten Andersen 10th book since the debut with FAST CITY in 1999. The book contains new work from Oslo and can be seen as a follow up to the long out of print OSLO F from 2005, but in colors. Color F is self published  in an edition of 500 copies under the photographer's own imprint, Shadowlab.


A selection of original prints from the book Color F by Morten Andersen is presented by Food For Your Eyes Gallery at Nofound Photo Fair. All photographs are in a edition of 5 + 1 AP *

I have designed all the books myself, only had some help with fonts and the technical parts from a friend who is a pro designer. The different books have different editions:  Fast City: 1200,  Days of Night: 1000, Oslo F: 500,  Leira: 450, White Nights:  800  , Fast/Days: 1000 and forthcoming; ass time goes by: 1000 . . . Interview with Morten Andersen by Melanie McWorther (2008)

Interview with Morten Andersen on Photobook Making by Book Dummy Press produced in Paris , November 2012

Morten Andersen Biography       Born in Akershus, Norway in 1965. Started making fanzines and taking pictures of friends in punk rock bands when 15 years old in 1980. Continued shooting for bands and norwegian music press during the 1980s, also worked in the darkroom at a daily newspaper in Oslo before moving to New York and studies at International Center of Photography in 1990. First solo exhibition at Fotogalleriet in Oslo 1992, since then solo and groupshows in New Zealand, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Italy, Austria, Holland, England, Sweden, USA, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland. Have published 12 books of his own work: Fast City (1999), Days of Night (2003), Oslo F. (2005), Leira (2006), White Nights (2006), Fast/Days (2007), ASS TIME GOES BY (2008), Blå Skog/Blue Forest (2009), Jetlag and Alcohol (2009), Color F (2010), M in M (2011) and Black and Blue (2011).    His works are in the collections of the Norwegian Museum of Photography, the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg and in private collections in Paris, New York, Oslo, Athen, Genova, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Wien, Los Angeles.  He had recently shown Black and Blue in Zaghreb, (Croatia). He regularily teaches and gives workshops about the book making practice.

For the record, the exhibition "Photography Book Dummies" curated by Victor Sira at ICP in 2008 featured Morten Andersen projects besides those of Esther Levine, Leigh Ledare.. This show was one of the first in XXIth century to aknowledge the crucial role of the dummy as a process in the art of  photobook making...


* Morten Andersen work is presented  by Food For Your Eyes Gallery at Nofound courtesy of Hold Up Photo