The Story of Food For Your Eyes started as a photography group show curated as a slideshow screening as a traveling program as a tumblr blog . The idea was to inspire with contemporary visual stories and to share food for though as well as to create a platform for young photographers.


Food For Your Eyes was born in 2007 , as a self initiated project curated by Nathalie Belayche to promote international young talents in photography thru a series of events featuring live projections of slideshows and talks.  Formerly hosted in a Paris  photo-studio near Pere Lachaise every three month, the events became a meeting place for new  photography discoveries. It was a delight to share such visual stimuli with guests ( photo editors, directors of International photography festival, book publishers, curators, gallerists, photographers) in a friendly and tasty atmosphere. We served good wine, french cheese and delicious home made tuna cakes!  

The adventures of Food For Your Eyes Slideshows ended up with the year 2010, but during all this time and afterwards, the project continued as a web based photography project with a collection of slideshows archived online on a Vimeo channel  a dedicated tumblr blog and a twitter feed.

Produced and designed  since the beginning as a travelling exhibition, the slideshows event hit the road. We went on screen in Vienna for the Eyes On-European Month of Photography (November 2008, November 2010). Food For Your Eyes was invited to perform at F/Stop International Photography Festival in Leipzig (July 2009). An improvised screening ( "slideshows by the pool" ) was held  for the participants of Emerging Photographers Forum in Kuala Lumpur ( May 2009). In june 2010, London was calling, asking to make a presentation for Carousel Slide Slam event organised by Foto8/ Host gallery. The US based organisation SlideLuck Potshow commissionned Food For Your Eyes to curate a large program for the first Slideluck Potshow in Paris (June 2010).

In addition to producing the slideshows events, Nathalie Belayche curates photography exhibitions, contributes to online magazines and blogs and serves as a portfolio reviewer in many international photogrpahy festivals. An overview of Food For Your Eyes projects could be seen online


 An impressive line up of emerging and more established photographers has participated in the "Slideshows adventure" from 2007 to 2010 . Many of the featuring young talents are pretty well known today though! 


THE CURATOR''S PICK ---- Among the amazing works being presented, I like to (re)watch some of the slideshows behind the loneliness of my computer screen..  Feel free to explore the archives here . If  I have just one to play for the relaunch of Food For Your Eyes it would be...  

Olivier Cablat 's work has a lot of humor in it, he likes to play with typologies and absurd suburban landscpapes. His Temple series was featuring at  Food For Your Eyes slideshows events in Paris, Arles and Vienna in 2010. He made a self published book with the same series. In 2012, he was exhibited at  Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles  with the series Egypt 3000  . Besides of that he is the MC behind the unfamous Hypermarkt , where all photobook maniacs are converging during Arles festival